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    pink magic trial Kit (now larger size)
    pink magic trial Kit (now larger size)

    pink magic trial Kit (now larger size)

    $ 14.99 $ 50.00

    The new pink magic trial kit has everything you need to make dreams come true.

    The demand for nail enhancements today requires speed, durability, and most important, leaving the natural nail UNDAMAGED.

    With Exclusive Nail Couture PROFESSIONAL Acrylic System you can rest assured that we are taking every step to create the best inner structure BPO particle to prevent irritation and maintain vibrant results.

    The controlled particle size in the polymer combined with the UV stabilizer, optical brighteners  and 100% Ethyl Methacrylate (EMA) monomer creates a revolutionary cross link molecular technology allowing for a long lasting natural finish.

    now is the time to try our new pink magic fast dry monomer with unique pink color and speed technology.

    Try all of our products and fall in love with our products and let your pink out!!!~

    1-4oz pink magic monomer   ~!

    The powders 20 grams (3 colors, princess pink, eternal beige & grand champion white)

    *limited time offer and price 

    3D Magic Colors!~ Precious Minerals
    3D Magic Colors!~ Precious Minerals

    3D Magic Colors!~ Precious Minerals

    $ 1.50 $ 1,000.00

    Magic in a bottle gel colors are now here! 3D magic top colors is truly magic in a bottle! 10 seconds is all it take for magic to happen on your nails.

    Product will not work without a magnet. The darker the base color (like black) will create the best effect!

    3D magic top coat uses the newest in nail technology to create a 3 in 1 effect on the nails.

    *1. Shimmers under lighting

    *2. Cat eye movement

    *3. Color change (entire nails) due to lighting 

    To apply over any gel polish colors, simply apply your base color, cure. Shake the bottle well!
    Apply and hold magic wand magnet for 5 seconds at a 45*degree angle from the nail and watch the magic happen right in front of your eyes.
    Cure for 60 seconds and you're done, seal with ShineE or Wonder Gel! 


    *Some tips - use the magnet wand close to the nail surface, about 5-8 seconds, let a line appear then cure. It's better to do the steps one nail at a time. Cure each nail for about 3 seconds to freeze the magic effect. If you do all ten at the same time the magic can disappear. Please use the magnet you want in a 44* degree angle from the nail tip! Make sure you shake the bottle well to assure the pigment is dispersed evenly.


    PRECIOUS MINERALS is a line of special effect glitter and metallic shades you will not find anywhere else in the world! 

    Fast Application

    • Apply it just like polish and be rewarded with richer, more even color.
    • Cures in 30 seconds in an LED lamp and in 2 minutes in a traditional UV lamp.


    • The gel polish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10 minutes.
    • Even with such a natural look, these gel polishes are long lasting and remain shiny between treatments.


    • It is packaged in an easy to use bottle instead of a jar, with easy to spot color on the cap; the color is true to the bottle because the cap is hand filled with the same gel.
    • Stable viscosity until the last application.

    Luxuries Colors

    • No unevenness on coloration, brilliant luxury color, for a beautiful finish.
    • Separation of ingredients does not occur, churning or mixing is unnecessary and there is no wasted gel.
    1, 2, 3 Go !~ Soft Gel Full Cover Nail Tips
    1, 2, 3 Go !~ Soft Gel Full Cover Nail Tips

    1, 2, 3 Go !~ Soft Gel Full Cover Nail Tips

    $ 1.99 $ 340.99

    The Hottest trending full cover nails in two shapes is now available !

    1, 2, 3 go soft gel, full cover nail tips are available in two shapes. Coffin & Almond 

    Made in the USA at our factory in Tucson Arizona!

    1, 2, 3 go are specially formulated out of soft gel (candy jelly formula) to provide you with a easy fast application and lightweight full set of nails. Use our base coat gel or candy jelly, souffle or clear happy gel to make sure you get 4+ weeks of strong wear on the natural nail and make removal simple and easy!

    * for the most fast, easy and long lasting application use base gel, it has the prefect consistency and strength you need for a lasting application!~

    Since all products are semi hard gels,  this allows for them to be soaked off within 15-20 minutes. For short term use, 1,2,3 go tips can be applied with our glue for a temporary set of full cover nails. 

    Application is fast, simple, and easy!

    1. Prep the natural nail like you would for any full set
    2. Apply one coat of prep and one of primer.
    3. Etch the inside of the 1,2,3 go nail tip with the diamond mani or diamond moon bit.
    4. Apply one coat of base gel to the nail and cure.
    5. Apply gel of your choice to the etched inside of the nail, rock it on ensuring there are no air bubbles or gel running out to the side wall or free edge.
    6. Use the bb lamp or Flashy to freeze the nail in place for 10 seconds at least before going on to the next nail.
    7. Once a full hand is applied you can fully cure for 60-90 seconds.

    * click the link to view Instagram tv video tutorial & youtube,

    Now you're done all you have to do is customize them and have fun ! You can cut them down to the size you like and shape you need, your in control!

    *almond and coffin come in 11 sizes and 25 tips per size (275 nails total) ! No refill sizes are available to purchase only sets. Tip box not included, purchase separate. 

    *batteries are not included in the flashy lamp, requires AAA size battery 


    We now have 123 go kits due to popular demand !~ each KIT includes the following,

    1 set of coffin or almond 123 go full cover soft gel nails w/ tip box

    1 of each prep, primer, oil 

    1 set of files

    1 logo apron 

    1 base gel 

    1 souffle gel clear 15ml

    1 candy box case

    1 flashy lamp

    1 gel brush pink magic 6

    1 logo manicure dust brush 

    1 logo bag 

     Please keep in mind that these extra products ONLY come with the kit.

    pink magic fast dry/set monomer 16oz
    pink magic fast dry/set monomer 16oz

    pink magic fast dry/set monomer 16oz

    $ 24.99 $ 40.00

    * tutti fruiti scented ~!

    pink magic fast dry/set Monomer is now available! made in the usa,  with optical brighteners and UV stabilizers designed to help maintain clarity and protect against yellowing. It has a slow evaporation time, innovative pink color that will not effect the final results of the nails giving true bight and vivd color pay off with the fast dry application that you need ! its so versatile you can also use it as a mixer with other monomers to speed up their application time and custom mix your own monomer. Pink magic monomer has a strong adhesion and a hard, durable finish perfect for clients who are hard on their nails or problem lifters ! Pink magic monomer also works amazing for 3d nail art ! 

    Maintain Brilliance Benefits

    • Comfortable Working Environment
    • Better for You and Your Client
    • Reduces Yellowing
    • Shock Absorbing, Less Breakage
    • pink color will not affect or change the color of the powder or final nail


    • pink color monomer that will not change the final result of the product application 
    • 100% EMA
    • Optical Brighteners
    • Plasticizers

    ENCP Advanced

    Monomer’s MMA-free formulation provides consistency, strength, adhesion and flexibility with NO cracking or splitting.