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Pure color Powders~! 3in1 powder for dip, art&ombre !
Pure color Powders~! 3in1 powder for dip, art&ombre !

Pure color Powders~! 3in1 powder for dip, art&ombre !

$ 7.50 $ 449.55

The NEW pure colors with strong pigment in this collection not only offer the strength to sculpt.  But simply perfect for 3D embossed artwork and dip!

45 beautiful colors made in the usa !

Fade Resistant
Cosmetic Grade Ingredients
Easy to Control
Beautiful and Flexible Nails
A necessity for every designer!~

20 (.71 ounces) grams per jar!

Diamond-Holic mix set !~
Diamond-Holic mix set !~

Diamond-Holic mix set !~

$ 4.99 $ 10.00

our new diamonds mix set, turn nail nails into a magical fabulous design with the new pre mixed diamond set in a reusable jar !

use with gummy gel, shinee and bling too for seamless application !

*all sale final, due to the delicate nature of the product if spillage occurs we are not liable ! 

The NEW Painting Gel~!
The NEW Painting Gel~!

The NEW Painting Gel~!

$ 9.99 $ 19.99

the new magical painting gel is here ! now in a 15ml tube which make it easy to travel and store, no more product spillage and waste !

Create amazing detailed designs using gel painting technique. These new generation gels works like paint, they do not run from start to finish, no shrinking, excellent thin coverage and blends beautifully for special effects and all before curing! It is awesome that the ingredients are cosmetic grade and FDA approved,

now in 20 candy scented colors !!!











11, nude

12, bright pink

13, peach

14, dark green 

15, royal blue

16, chocolate 

17, violet 

18, pearl mix

19, wine

20, turquoise  



These gel colors can also be blended with glitter and/or acrylic to create stunning effects

  • Excellent adhesion for transfer foil
  • Color does not fade, dull, wear, or chip
  • The perfect addition to any color range
  • Perfect for nail designs
  • Perfect for both fingers and toes
  • Easy one-coat application
  • Led & UV Cure
  • now in 20 colors & candy scented 
  • no need to mix the colors ~!
The ShineE gel
The ShineE gel

The ShineE gel

$ 9.99 $ 15.99
    The BEST no wipe soak off top gel in the WORLD #1 for chrome 
    new and improved 2018! more shine and bright!
  • Save time in application by using ShineE gel No-Cleanse Sealer with either gel or acrylic.
  • Added UV Brighteners are sure to enhance
    the vivid whites, lucent clears, and radiant pinks.
  • Semi-hard type top gel seals and protects your gel design and gives a beautiful glossy look.
  • Prevents coloration and discoloration from everyday use.