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About Us

Max Estrada

Exclusive nail couture international master director of global education, founder & CEO

Being born into the beauty industry and with more then 10+ years of expertise and experience, Max Estrada has always had a strong belief in nail education and artistry.

Max started with playing with his mother’s nail products and reading trade publications at a very early age, even attending his first trade show at the age of 5.

He started his professional career working in his family’s salon in Arizona. Within the first year of Max’s career he aspersed to grow bigger as a nail technician, so he decided to enter his first competition.

At the very young age of 16 with already a very quick and accurate acrylic application, Max entered his first professional nail competition.

Max was confident in his work; he competed and placed within the top 10 for his division and category. Full of determination, his goal was to improve his skills and conquer the competitive world of nails!

Now, Max places in every competition he enters and focus on further refining the nail shape and developing nail technologies that make the every nail artist’s life much easier. He believes that the best competition to win is the one with yourself; always strive for your personal best.

Max’s ultimate dream was to have the best products to complement his education for the nail care industry. In 2014, Max invented and designed his own company and product line, aptly titled Exclusive Nail Couture Professional, nationally and globally.

Today, Max competes all over the world. He has a true passion for his art and expresses his love for the nail industry through every nail he does. Max is now sharing his knowledge all over the world in his classes and through his new line of nail products.

Being a trendsetter in the industry, Max says, “The nail industry is not about where it has been but where it’s going.”

He is the man that will lead the way with Exclusive Nail Couture Professional—a dream come true!~

Max to this day competes all over the world and has a true passion for his art and express his love for the nail industry thru every nail he does. Today Max shares his knowledge all over the world in his classes.

Being a trend-setter in the industry, Max says “the nail industry is not about where it is but where its going”

The Professional Company!

Exclusive Nail Couture Professionals is a nail product manufacturing company founded in Tucson, Arizona by Max Estrada.

It was developed to fill a void in the professional industry. Max had a dream that nails would be ultimate luxurious elegance, but still maintain the youthful and cute nature of today’s trend.

Max set out to manufacture, develop and invent the newest technology of his dreams. He has many years of expertise in the industry such as product educator, salon owner, competitor and manufacturer.

Max’s dreams came true with Exclusive Nail Couture Professionals. The worldwide headquarters are situated in Tucson, Arizona.

In conjunction with developing products he is also active in holding

education courses and participating in worldwide competitions.

The Mission Statement

Exclusive Nail Couture Professionals is successful through the accomplishments of its founder Max Estrada.

Max’s mission and dream is to develop not only the best and most luxurious nail products, but to help everyone reach their maximum potential and achieve their dream nail story.

Exclusive Nail Couture Professionals use only the finest and most luxurious products everyday. They are user friendly and exceed in every performance; from working daily in a salon to winning the most prestigious competitions, with Exclusive Nail Couture Professionals your nail dreams will come true!

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