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    • A.Pink - 3in1 Gel
    • A.Pink - 3in1 Gel
    • A.Pink - 3in1 Gel
    • A.Pink - 3in1 Gel
    • A.Pink - 3in1 Gel

    A.Pink - 3in1 Gel

    $ 9.99 $ 15.00

    The new gel is here! Revolutionary 3in1 formula

    Base gel, pink color, nail strengthener designed to improve damaged, uneven or troubled nail plates.

    Unique and custom color gives the nail trendy nude pink color designed to bring out natural beauty of nails. Can be used over natural nails or any type of nail service, acrylic, gel, dip and happy gel!

    3 colors to choose from

    001 - Warm Nude Pink

    002 - Bright Clear Pink

    003 - Cool Cover Pink  

    • Creates the adhesive bond between the nail plate and gel products without damaging the nail plate.
    • No harsh etching is necessary only a light buff to remove the shine and the use of our prep system to  make sure yours nails last a whole fairytale.
    • Since the nature of the gel is sticky it works amazing for nail art.
    • You can use it to apply foils, glitter, pigments, and use it to make new and original art!
    • You do not need to remove any sticky residue or worry about the product shrinkage since our formula is magical.