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Vers Bit (3/32" USA Safety Nail Carbide Bit - Tapered Cone/Under Nail Cleaner (UNC) )

$ 15.50
$ 30.00

Vers Bit (3/32" USA Safety Nail Carbide Bit - Tapered Cone/Under Nail Cleaner (UNC) )

$ 15.50
$ 30.00 Vers Bit is a high quality Silver Cone Shape Nail Carbide Bit for nail salon professionals or personal use. Grit size: Medium. Fits 3/32” shank size nail drill machine. This new cone bit can be used for multiple purpose: Fingernail- Preparing the cuticle area and sidewalls, and cleaning under the nail that normal carbide bit cannot get into. Great design with a long, slim and tapered shape. Sturdy and easy to remove any extra materials on nails. Toenail- nail preparation and cleaning. The top of the cone bit can be used for shape toenail surface work. The perfect cone bit that will make your nail preparation job more efficiency and quickly.
  • Color: Silver | 3/32"Shank Size | Grit: Medium | Length”1.5 Inches | Head Dimensions”0.56 Inches x 0.03 Inches
  • Vers Bit is  Silver Cuticle Clean Carbide Bit - For Under Nail Cleaner, Trimmer and Removing Bulk. High Quality Made, Carbide Made from the Hardest Material Next to the Diamonds. High temperature resistance and anti-corrosion. Sturdy and Long Lasting, Fast and Efficiency Result for Nail Preparation.
  • For Cutting - Long Barrel Head, High Quality Made, Excellent Durability and Cutting Performance. Can be Used for Cutting Gels, Acrylics and Artificial Nails and Polishing the Bottom of the Nail.
  • For Removing – Designed to Remove Dusts and Bulks Under the Nails, Fast and Efficiency for Nail Preparation and Save Time.
  • For Trimming Cuticles - Designed to trim an edge of the cuticle or remove dirt on the cuticle and bevel the underside of the nail. Can Reach the Cuticles and Sidewalls Without Damage to Your Nail and Skin.

Fits Most 3/32” Shank Size Nail Drill Machine
100% US Made High Quality Carbide Perfect for cuticle cleaning, gel removal, and fit most nail art machines.
Special Designed for Under Nail Cleaner, removes dust and bulks.

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