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Unicorn Rainbow Hologram Chrome Pigment ~! magic hologram pigment

$ 9.99
$ 40.00

Unicorn Rainbow Hologram Chrome Pigment ~! magic hologram pigment

$ 9.99
$ 40.00

unicorn chrome effect pigment that can magically transform any gel polish color into a dazzling holographic chrome effect~! updated formula, the smallest micron pigment size !

About this item:

  • ✨BEST THE 35 MICRON HOLOGRAPHIC NAIL POWDER FOR YOU-- According To Our Test Of The 15,35 And The 45 Micron Holographic Powder,It Is Found That The 35 Micron Holographic Nail Powder Is Best For Nail Art. The 15 Micron Is The Easiest To Apply On Nails, But Holo Effect Is Too Blurry. The 45 Micron Is The Most Vibrant But Too Grainy,While The 35 Micron Is The Perfect Combination Of Vibrant Holo Effect And Good Adhesion.
  • ✨DIFFERENT COLORFUL BASE WILL GET DIFFERENT HOLO EFFECT--The Best Holo Effect Is That You Applied Holographic Nail Powder After Applying Dark Gels Such As Black, Red And Blue.Applying Holographic Nail Powder To Other Color Gels Will Also Give You Unexpected Results.
  • ✨STRONG AND PERFECT HOLOGRAPHIC NAIL POWDER--Our Holographic Nail Powder Is Completely The 35 Micron, Smooth And Easy To Use, Giving You a Perfect Feel To Use. Unlike Other Brands That Mix Other Holographic Nail Powder Of Different Sizes For Sale, This Can Affect The Effect Of Holographic Nail Powder.

the one you have been waiting for, the most dazzling and obvious holographic effect on nails is not possible! catch the light dancing on the nails! dreams come true 

To make any color unicorn chrome, simply apply gel polish, full cure

apply shinee gel, cure at least 10 seconds, then use your tool of choice to rub in jewelry maker to the cured coat of shinee gel~! and like magic your nails have a magical chrome effect~! Seal with shinee gel for a long lasting luster   

unicorn chrome comes in a 10gram jar, gross weight is 1.25 ML ! A little but of product goes a long way.

*Due to the nature of this product it is very fine and and product leakage is possible, we are not responsible for damaged or leaked products. We try our best to ensure no product is wasted or damaged. xoxo 

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