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pretty girl glitter set! magic pastel hologram glitter set

$ 11.99
$ 40.00

pretty girl glitter set! magic pastel hologram glitter set

$ 11.99
$ 40.00
Our new pretty girl set !~ 12 beautiful pastel hologram glitter set with a lovely pink ribbon!
  • Package Contents:1x12 boxes of nail art Sequins set 
  • very interesting and lovely patterns, you can combine them and make your nails looks more charming
  • Glitter accessories: these holographic nail flakes will show different colors under the illumination light, shiny and eye-catching, charming accessories to match your outfit, good for costume party, shopping, stage performing, photo shooting and so on
  • Application: these nail glitter flakes are suitable for natural or artificial nails; These nail glitters are not self-adhesive, you need to apply glue or nail polish to stick them; Glue and nail polish are not included

the one you have been waiting for, the most dazzling and obvious holographic effect on nails is not possible! catch the light dancing on the nails! dreams come true 

To make any color brilliant pigment powder!, simply apply gel polish, full cure

apply shinee gel, cure at least 10 seconds, then use your tool of choice to rub in jewelry maker to the cured coat of shinee gel~! and like magic your nails have a magical chrome effect~! Seal with shinee gel for a long lasting luster   

Color: as the picture shown
Material: acrylic
Size: approx. 1 to 4 mm/ 0.04 to 0.2 inch

*Due to the nature of this product it is very fine and and product leakage is possible, we are not responsible for damaged or leaked products. We try our best to ensure no product is wasted or damaged. xoxo 

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