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pink star Acrylic and Gel vegan Brush series !~ (cruelty free nail art, gel and acrylic brushes)

$ 19.99
$ 50.00

pink star Acrylic and Gel vegan Brush series !~ (cruelty free nail art, gel and acrylic brushes)

$ 19.99
$ 50.00
  • pinky star GEL
  • pinky star Acrylic
Our new magical pinky star brush series is made with vegan & currently free materials !~ 
made in the usa of new faux hair technology 
  • ❤UNIQUE DESIGN: 2 nail brushes complete with star-tipped ends perfect for making nail magic.
  • ❤EARTH-FRIENDLY: Use green plastic handle, high quality soft synthetic hair. Cruelty free.
  • ❤PROFESSIONAL USING: The soft and elastic hairs make expert nail application completely effortless.
  • new Squaoval shape, combines benefit of oval and square brush for fast and perfect application 
* use drop down menu to choose item !
  • The smooth handles are light weight ! pinky star acrylic is size Squoval 11, gel is size oval 5 
  • HIGH QUALITY - Brush tips stay soft and flexible, they are also sturdy enough not to bend or split with pressure, trimmed and shaped neatly.
  • EASY TO USE - Lightweight Acrylic and Alloy pen body, comfortable and easy to hold and paint, making your nails more beautiful and charming.
  • USAGE - Suitable for professional nail salon, ideal for doing gel polish nail art, fine drawing, painting flowers and pattern design on fingernails.
  • Features: these nail brush are perfect for all applications making the finish smooth and effortless 
  • Long lasting: these nail liner pens made of good quality nylon hair, non-deformation and non-corroding, durable for longer use; Each pen equipped with a cap, convenient to use, also protects the nail brush from dust
  • Items Description:

    Material: faux kolinsky hair bristle + Alloy + Pearl + Acrylic
    Color: purple, handle with glitter
    Size: 5/9/11/20mm Weight: Approx 80 g
    Package Contents: 1Pcs Nail Brush, set has 4
  • Feature:
    - Perfect suitable for Crystal and UV Gel nail art.
    - Perfect for both professional use and personal use!
    -  Brush hairs are strong enough to push and shape the acrylic but flexible and great to give finishing touches
  • brushes are fine point or sharp edge to prevent splitting.
    - Creating beautiful nail for long lasting sparkle nail tips!
    - It is made of high quality material, durable enough for your daily using.
    - Easy to handle and operate, Great for the people who love Manicure especially.
  • all sale final 
  • Moulting or shedding faux hairs from a new brush is a normal process. Once the brush is broken in and following a few application sessions the moulting will stop. Always thoroughly rinse a new brush with liquid monomer before first use.
  • Always clean a good quality brush thoroughly after each processing session with brush cleaner or liquid monomer DO NOT USE ACETONE because Acetone will remove the shine from bristle make acrylic tacky and buildup residue. Remove as much moisture as possible with paper towel like our lux brush wipes  and reshape before storing.
  • we are not responsible for variations in glitter colors or spillage of the liquid solution in the handle 

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