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Nail Liquid Glide (poly Nail Gel Slip Solution Kit Nail Liquid for Shaping Gel Nail Extension )

$ 12.99
$ 30.00

Nail Liquid Glide (poly Nail Gel Slip Solution Kit Nail Liquid for Shaping Gel Nail Extension )

$ 12.99
$ 30.00 New nail liquid Glide slip solution with Amazing Watermelon scent!
  • Helpful gel slip solution; bottles 100ML slip solution, packed in a nice package. Work perfectly with Glide nail extension gel or other poly extenesion gel;slip solution is a necessary tools to use for your poly uv gel nail application; multifunctional, widely-used in many nails art design.
  • slip solution liquid; high capacity; with anti-spill designed bottle neck to prevent volatilizing soon; eco-friendly; help you effortlessly and smoothly spread and shape the poly uv gel;prevent the gel sticking to the brush, spatula or other nail art tools; can also be used as nail cleanser to clean your nails, brush, nail polish, gel residue.
  • Sweet watermelon scent.
  • sufficient quantity; ideal use for nail cleaning, gel nail brush cleaning, nail polish removing, excess slip solution removing from brush et cetera.
  • Warm Tips:Since the nail slip solution is volatilizable, please allow some volume difference, and please seal it tightly every time after use.
  • -multiple usages; besides poly nail extension gel, the kit helps in your many other nail art design. for example, when you use gel nail polish, builder gel, nail painting, etc.

    - helps to smooth the poly nail gel, prevent the gel from sticking to nail art tools; can be the cleanser for many nail art design and nail art work such as:

    Nail polish removing; Gel residue cleaning (after curing); Nail art table cleaning; Gel nail brush cleaning; Other nail art tools cleaning

  • 【Safety Products】This solution is applied externally and will not cause harm to your nails or body, so you can use it with confidence. Helps you easily place the UV gel in the right place to form the perfect nail.
  • Some warm tips.

    1, Put the lid on after you use the Glide slip solution since it's volatilizable.

    2, Keep the brush moist with the Glide slip solution, but not wet. because too much slip solution will leave the gel a little runny and less sticky. so it's suggested to wipe the brush after you dip it in slip solution.

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