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    • Maxie INK set !
    • Maxie INK set !
    • Maxie INK set !
    • Maxie INK set !

    Maxie INK set !

    $ 29.99 $ 99.99

    Maxie ink set is here !

    Magicaly make beautiful watercolor, tie-dye & marbling effects and more with ease! Our AMERICAN made cosmetic quality approved nail inks! . maxie ink set  works ONLY with velvet matte gel as a surface . Please apply a layer of  velvet matte topcoat over color gel before applying maxie ink. Seal with a coat of Shinee or wonder-gel for a beautiful, diamond like finish!

    maxie ink set contains 6 colors (each color is 10ml) and comes in a cute carry pouch!

    colors are tangerine orange, amethyst purple, lemon yellow, jade green, candy pink, onyx 

    * you need velvet matte gel as a base for maxie ink set or else it will not work