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JEM!~ hologram glitter colors, Fun gel. (one coat coverage and smooth finish)

$ 9.99
$ 15.00

JEM!~ hologram glitter colors, Fun gel. (one coat coverage and smooth finish)

$ 9.99
$ 15.00
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Jem!~ hologram glitter color collections is the newest addition to the fun gel line! JEM!~ offers outrages coverage in one coat with the newest gel techlonogly that lets the glitter self level and cover every bit of the nail offering a smooth finish and color pay-off like no other gel in the markert ! You already know that ALL products are made in the USA

12 colors to choose from. 

055. siliver holo holo 

057.aqua blue holo holo holo 

060. green colver holo 

061. emerald holo sapphire holo

063. mint holo

064. lily holo diamond holo diamond holo  

Fast Application

  • Apply it just like polish and be rewarded with richer, more even color.
  • Cures in 30 seconds in an LED lamp and in 2 minutes in a traditional UV lamp.


  • The gel polish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and     soaks completely off in only 10 minutes.
  • Even with such a natural look, these gel polishes are long lasting and remain shiny between treatments.


  • It is packaged in an easy to use bottle instead of a jar, with easy to spot color on the cap; the color is true to the bottle because the cap is hand filled with the same gel.
  • Stable viscosity until the last application.

Luxuries Colors

  • No unevenness on coloration, brilliant luxury color, for a beautiful finish.
  • Separation of ingredients does not occur, churning or mixing is unnecessary and there is no wasted gel.


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