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G.Friend , french BB ombre gel polish !~

$ 7.99

G.Friend , french BB ombre gel polish !~

$ 7.99
  • bb013
  • bb014
  • bb015
  • bb016
  • bb017
  • bb018
  • set of 6

our new bb gels create fun fast and easy french ombre nails with our pistachio ombre brush, simply apply and brush back towards the cuticle to get a perfect fade ! no tricks just perfect baby boomer nails!~ seal with shinee gel for the ultimate shine and durability 

Create amazing detailed designs using gel painting technique. These new generation gels works like paint, they do not run from start to finish, no shrinking, excellent thin coverage and blends beautifully for special effects and all before curing! It is awesome that the ingredients are cosmetic grade and FDA approved,

 BB ombre Gel in cookie jar magical colors, unique honey like consistency creates fast and flawless application ! you can use them alone or as a topper over a french nail or base color for a french manicure !

These gel colors can also be blended with glitter and/or acrylic to create stunning effects

  • Color does not fade, dull, wear, or chip
  • The perfect addition to any color range
  • Perfect for nail designs
  • Perfect for both fingers and toes
  • Easy one-coat application
  • Led & UV Cure
  • no need to mix the colors ~!

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