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Dust collector !~

$ 74.99
$ 449.00

Dust collector !~

$ 74.99
$ 449.00
  • pink dust collector
  • set of 2 filters

the long awaited cute pink dust collector of your dreams !

--Hollow design, high efficiency heat dissipation ,easy operation

--Reusable filter, Use a hair dryer to blow it, but do not wash it. Generally used with high frequency, can use 3-4 months.

--Surface is durable, attractive and easy to clean..

pink dust collector will help solve your problem with dust suction by reducing airborne dust by 58%. 

40W strong suction to keep your dust away!

  • Power: 40 Watts
  • Fan Speed: 4500rpm
  • Max Airflow: 4.5m3/min
  • Wind Pressure: 145 Pa
  • Quality Filter

  • 1.Reusable,easy to be cleaned up with a hair dryer or dust brush.

    • 2.Don’t washable.other it will affect the suction affect
    • 3.Clean it regularly,like around 2-3 months.
    • 4.Generally used with high frequency, can use 3-4 months.
    • Powerful Cooling System
      • Before any clean operation,switch the dust collector off and unplug it
      • Anypart of the dust collector can be wipe a soft damp cloth and buffed with a dry cloth
      • Clean with a duct brush to remove to remains of surface duct
      • Use a hair dyyer to blow the collected duct to rubbish bin
      • For ensuring the good suction effect,please do not wash the filter
      • all sale final, no exceptions

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