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Diamond prep bit !~ (Cuticle Clean Bits, 3/32 Shank Dry Manicure Drill Bit)

$ 2.49
$ 20.99

Diamond prep bit !~ (Cuticle Clean Bits, 3/32 Shank Dry Manicure Drill Bit)

$ 2.49
$ 20.99

Our new Diamond prep bit is the perfect bit to complete your manicure nail service~!

The Diamond prep bit is a bit designed to be used in hard to reach places and help remove non living tissue of the cuticle area, leaving the area looking photoshopped without having to use nippers ~!

This bits are the best in the world, they do not heat up, produce less dust and feel different, your clients will be able to tell because the bit does not rust or produce heat making their service more enjoyable.

No sharp edges so the clients will never get cut or hurt. They last much longer than any other material and can be used on any type of nail service like gel, acrylic and natural nails! 

  • 3/32 Shank Dry Cuticle drill bit, Diamond nail bit.
  • This bit is to clean dead skin on the side of the finger nail.
  • I also personally use it on dry cuticle that stuck on the nail.
  • But we all use them different depends on the habits and what you are used to work with /how
  • Used for prepping the nail, shaping around the cuticle area and cleaning under the nail. Use on acrylic, silk, fiberglass, and gel nails
  • Perfect tools for nail salon, professional nail artists, etc. Great for manicure and pedicure.

    Excellent durability and cutting performance.

    ❇ Can be used on natural nails or fasle nail tips.

    ❇ Ideal nail art tool for manicure and pedicure.

  • Material: diamond


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