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Almond Petit Macaroon - (fan nail art brush)

$ 5.99
$ 25.99

Almond Petit Macaroon - (fan nail art brush)

$ 5.99
$ 25.99

Handmade and ergonomically designed with the finest quality, made from the vegan hair, the new “Petit Macaroon” brushes are specially designed by award-winning nail champion Max Estrada. These brushes are what every nail princess dreams of!

  • 100% Brand New and high quality
  • Material: Acrylic
  • beautiful and practical nail pen.
  • suitable for professional or home use.
  • Anti-slip handle, soft hair.
  • you can create beautiful nail design whatever you want.

Petit Macaroons brushes offer a delicate balance of tension and volume, excellent to sculpt and form a crisp smile line. The compact design has beautiful pink, candy like color with a different color per cap to so it’s easy to tell them apart; it is a must-have for all nail professionals.

Petit Macaroon brushes offer ultimate control and precise detail. The built-in cover prevents contamination and prolongs the life of the brush.

Petit Macaroon brushes have an unsurpassed quality, luxurious feel, and longer-lasting life.

Our new brushes are:

almond- fan brush 

Cherry - Gel sharp oval 4, for cakey 3D gel and pudding gel 

Chocolate - 0.03 sharp art liner

Grape - 0.01 sharp liner art liner

Peach - Gel oval 8 

The Petit Macaroon series includes:

Vanilla - Russian kolinsky oval 12

Licorice - Russian kolinsky oval 8

Pistachio - Ombre effect 

Lavender- Russian kolinsky liner

Blueberry- Russian kolinsky 3D art  

Lemon - Gel polish French art  

Raspberry - Gel art liner   

  • Longer life span
  •  Less clumping
  •  Safer and hygienic
  •  High quality nail art brush for acrylic
  •  Compact and convenient
  • A necessity for every nail artist
  • 100% kolinsky acrylic sculpting and design brush

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