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  • The Pink Diamonds!~ Mini 3D Brush
  • The Pink Diamonds!~ Mini 3D Brush

The Pink Diamonds!~ Mini 3D Brush

$ 15.00 $ 30.00

Handmade and ergonomically designed with the finest quality, Made from the finest male kolinsky hair, the new “pink diamonds” acrylic sculpting brush is specially designed by award winning nail champion, Max Estrada. These brushes are what every nail princess dreams of!

Pink diamonds brushes offer a delicate balance of tension and volume, excellent to sculpt and form a crisp smile line. The compact design with beautiful luxuries pink diamond stones, it is a must-have for all nail professionals.

Pink diamonds brushes offer ultimate control and precise detail. The built-in cover prevents contamination and prolongs the life of the brush. Pink Diamonds Brushes have an unsurpassed quality, luxurious feel, and longer-lasting life.

  • Longer Life Span
  • Less Clumping
  • Safer Hygienic
  • High Quality Nail Art Brush
  • Compact and Convenient
  • A necessity for every nail artist
  • 100% Kolinsky Acrylic Sculpting and design brush