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    • Pudding Gel !~
    • Pudding Gel !~
    • Pudding Gel !~
    • Pudding Gel !~
    • Pudding Gel !~
    • Pudding Gel !~

    Pudding Gel !~

    $ 4.99 $ 15.99

    the new pudding gel is here! High-quality, professional color gel specially made for ease-of-use. smooth, Even, dazzling color for a beautiful diamond like finish. No mixing or shaking necessary. sweet peach smell and most importantly No more sticky mess, pudding gel dose not spill due to its unique pudding like texture when stored properly you never have to waste gel or clean the sides of the jar due to gel leaking & it smells like candy !

    pudding gel comes in 25 of the most popular gel polish colors, 5 gram jar with 5ml gross weight of product.

    Both LED and UV light curable ! 

    high pigment count for lasting wear
    No Fading color over time
    Vibrant Colors
    Suitable for all kinds of Gel Designs Work
    Easy to Control and apply 

    apply with our famous base gel and seal with shinee !