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  • crackle gel polish (set of 6 colors) !~
    • crackle gel polish (set of 6 colors) !~
    • crackle gel polish (set of 6 colors) !~
    • crackle gel polish (set of 6 colors) !~

    crackle gel polish (set of 6 colors) !~

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    Crackle Gel Nail Polish, Super Easy Cracked Nail Polish 6 Colors Set, Air Dry for Gel Nail Polish Set!

    • Nail Design Super Easy gel nail polish: You will find that nail design has never been easier, just to apply a layer of Crackle Nail Polish gel nail polish set, and let it air dry. The Finished nail gel effect will appear on the gel polish, finally, apply the top coat gel like shinee or wonder gel, done!
    • Oh!My God!Magic Happens: At first it was just a simple coat of uv gel nail polish (white is preferred or any light base color) cure, then a layer of crackle effect nail polish was applied, and then the magical effect slowly appeared. After air-drying or in the lamp for aprox 2-3 min for best effect, Oh, unbelievable.
    • How cool it is to own it, You can't help but create a post to tell your friends, show them the crackle nail paint, as if you are a magician general.
    • Suitable for all gel nail polish, acrylic nail and all nail system. Use any base color you want, black gel nail polish, white gel nail polish, pink gel nail polish, red gel nail polish, clear gel nail polish.
    • Widely Applicable: This is a magical gel nail polish for UV plastic nails, acrylic nails, natural nails, etc.
    • Brilliant and Charming: The effect will last for about 30 days. It is a new type of nail gel with a color change effect - different primers will show different effect colors, adding brilliance and charm to the nails.
    •  Crackle Polish Best Gift Ever
    • Suitable for all nail art work, use for gel polish, nail polish, acrylic nail or natural nail etc.
    • Odorless and Healthy: There is almost no smell, we only use organic texture to protect your health.
    • Gorgeous and Elegant: Different color burst cracks are your nails are very advanced, high quality - professional high quality nail polish ingredients, giving nail polish luster and lasting color, can show your gorgeous and elegant nails.

    3 easy steps.

    Apply base coat and cure by UV/LED lamp, the same, apply one color nail gel and cure by UV/LED lamp (White gel polish is the best or light colors.)

    Apply a thin layer of Crackle Nail Polish, and wait for 1-3min. (Naturally dry, if curing with lamp same time as the heat from the lamp with make better effect)

    Apply the top coat (shinee or wonder gel) and cure by LED lamp. Accomplish.

    seal with one coat of wonder gel and one coat shinee for best results!